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Line-feed required for a line termination?

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Alex Shinn just pointed out to me that the syntax for in-string
newlines in SRFI 75 seemingly prescribes a line ending convention:

| \<linefeed><intraline-whitespace> : nothing, where <linefeed> is
| Unicode 10, and <intraline-whitespace> is a sequence of
| non-linefeed whitespace characters (where whitespace is defined
| in SRFI-14)

On a Windows box, or an old Mac, this would require special
editors to write, as the line ending convention there is
different. Since SRFI 75 doesn't prescribe an encoding for the
source file, I don't see a problem with leaving the exact newline
sequence unspecified as well. So, the following phrasing would be
more appropriate:

| \<platform-specific newline sequence><intraline-whitespace> :
| ...

        -- Jorgen

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