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Re: Surrogates and character representation

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Thomas Lord scripsit:

> My plan (and stalled code) works that way.  If a
> string contains only codepoints in 0..255, store it as bytes.
> 0..ffff, use 16-bits, otherwise, use 32.

This is a plausible design.  If you are willing to pay more time to save
some more space, you could have multiple flavors of single-byte strings
based on SCSU dynamic windows.  Keep a single overhead byte T with each
single-byte string that indicates the meaning of the byte range 80-FF:

Value of T      Unicode offset  Comment
01..67          x*80            half-blocks from U+0080 to U+3380 
68..A7          x*80+AC00       half-blocks from U+E000 to U+FF80 
F9              00C0            Latin-1 letters + half of Latin Extended-A 
FA              0250            IPA Extensions
FB              0370            Greek 
FC              0530            Armenian 
FD              3040            Hiragana 
FE              30A0            Katakana
FF              FF60            Halfwidth Katakana

So your byte strings (range U+0000..U+00FF) would have an T byte of 01.
Of course there is no requirement to implement this entire scheme;
you can cherry-pick particular T values that make sense.

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