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Re: A proposal for reserved read-syntax characters

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bear scripsit:

> I agree that certain characters ought not appear in
> identifiers without use of some escape mechanism.  But
> rather than list them, I'd prefer to do it by category.

That's what I did, only rather than using simply the General Category
field in UnicodeData, I also used the Pattern_Syntax property in PropList
(at http://www.unicode.org/Public/UNIDATA/PropList.txt )

The list was not definitional, simply an attempt to give people a feel
for the kinds of characters included by the property-based definition.

Essentially, the characters on the list are those that are both
Pattern_Syntax and punctuation.

> If we want to reserve a bunch of characters for reader
> macros in implementations where reader macros are definable,
> I'd suggest the class SO (other symbols, including dingbats);
> they're eyecatching, occasionally iconic, and for the most
> part linguistically neutral.

Not only are they not always neutral (as you noted), but they cover
very many useful symbols that are suitable for naming either functions
or variables.

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