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Re: Responses to your comments

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On 3 May 2005, Panu Kalliokoski wrote:

> list->hash-table etc.:
> 	these were renamed to alist->hash-table and hash-table->alist
> 	(in accordance with SRFI-1).  sizehint is now an optional
> 	parameter of alist->hash-table.

Good. (Seems to be accepted by the list members.)

>       ht->vector and vector->ht are
> 	IMNSHO totally useless and will not be added unless somebody
> 	provides a convincing argument for them.

No arguments, but maybe we can allow a little more flexibility
(in the list world) by adding an optional argument 'acons' to
Default would be 'cons' to give the specified behavior.
'list' (and even 'vector') might make some people happier.

One could similarly add two (or one) optional arguments 'get-key' and
'get-value' to alist->hash-table. Defaults would be 'car' and 'cdr'.


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