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Re: nested comments (please correct lexical scope)

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Yup, missed that; guess all examples don't separate 'quote tokens from
their target <s-exp>'s, simply because their association would be less
clear otherwise (but not forbidden).

> From: "Bradd W. Szonye" <bradd+srfi@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Paul Schlie wrote:
>> r5rs seems to imply in all examples, no <white-space> being allowed
>> between the quote abbreviation and it's target <s-exp>; which makes
>> sense to me as it visually and lexically binds the reader action with
>> it's target <s-exp>, as opposed to allowing something like:
> According to R5RS 7.1.1, "Lexical Structure":
>     <Intertoken space> may occur on either side of any token, but not
>     within a token.
>     <token> --> ... | ' | ...
>     <atmosphere> --> <whitespace> | <comment>
>     <intertoken space> --> <atmosphere>*
> Since the quote mark is a token, intertoken space (i.e., whitespace and
> comments) may appear on either side of it.
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