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Re: SRFI 62: S-expression comments (fwd)

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On Thu, 6 Jan 2005, Christopher Dutchyn wrote:

> Since SRFI isn't taking these, I thought I'd send them directly.

I believe you need to subscribe first using srfi-62-request@ and then
send messages to srfi-62@.

> Why bother with SRFI'ing this?  Given that the R6RS committee (first item under 
> Additional Extensions, on page 2 of 
> http://www.schemers.org/Documents/Standards/Charter/2004-10-13.pdf) has already 
> examined and approved this item for the next standard, I believe it's 
> distracting and pointless.

I didn't notice that S-expression comments were to be in R6RS already,
but R6RS is at least a year away, and I think it is better to have
things already in SRFIs before R6RS is released, so the transition to
R6RS will be slightly easier.  I'm not sure why you felt this comment
any less pointless than the SRFI itself anyway: if you don't have any
objections to it, it will be finalized anyway.  (If you do have some
objections to it, the R6RS committees might pay attention.)