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Re: Update

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On Tue, 23 Nov 2004, Andre van Tonder wrote:

>    - Using a technique borrowed from Taylor Campbell's syntax-rules
>      tutorial, which I dub meta-quasiquotation, I was able to
>      dramatically simplify the implementation and dramatically
>      increase its readability.  It should now be almost trivial to
>      port to your favourite low-level macro system.

Hmmmmmm.  That I ever wrote a syntax-rules tutorial, except twice in
haste at the spur of the moment on IRC, is indeed surprising news to

Perhaps you may be thinking of Joe Marshall's tutorial, which describes
the MACRO-CALL & ! token technique.  Although the thought of that
technique did occur to me long before JRM's tutorial was written (or at
least released -- if my memory serves me chronologically correctly), I
never mentioned it to anyone except perhaps Matthias Radestock, so
still no credit would be due to me.