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Re: Corrected reference implementation

On Fri, 22 Apr 2005, Matthew D Swank wrote:

there is the following construct:

1. (let* ((promise* (stream-promise ((s:promise-content content))))
                   (content  (unbox promise)))

however, since 'content' is being bound to (unbox promise), and not
(unbox promise*),
the 'let*' in 1. is superfluous.

No, because the evaluation of ((s:promise-content content)) may have a side effect that changes the original promise. I believe this also answers your subsequent questions. All this is explained in the SRFI-45 "Primitives for Expressing Iterative Lazy Algorithms" document. In particular, the following
code there should have the indicated behaviour:

(define q
  (let ((count 5))
    (define (get-count) count)
    (define p (delay (if (<= count 0)
                         (begin (set! count (- count 1))
                                (force p)
                                (set! count (+ count 2))
    (list get-count p)))
(define get-count (car q))
(define p (cadr q))

(get-count)  ; =>   5
(force p)    ; =>   0
(get-count)  ; =>   10

The alternative you suggest was in fact
what appeared in initial versions of SRFI-45, found to be incorrect, and corrected.

Andre van Tonder