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Working reference implementation

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I'm attaching a reference implementation that works.

This solves the following problems  (in order of importance) with
the past reference implementation:

1. Problems with (force  (lazy (delay expr))).  See  my mail with
   Message-Id 20040611070831.GA29954@xxxxxxxxxx for details.

2. Fixes stream-filter.  The previous  version wouldn't work when
   passed stream-null (as in (stream-filter even? stream-null)).

3. Changes the name make-stream to ##srfi-40#make-stream as it is
   a rather  low-level operation and  it /might/ be  desirable to
   define make-stream with an interface similar to make-list.

I hope it helps.


---=(  Comunidad de Usuarios de Software Libre en Colombia  )=---                                                              
---=(  http://bachue.com/colibri )=--=( colibri@xxxxxxxxxx  )=---                                                              

;;; A stream is a new data type, disjoint from all other data types, that
;;; contains a promise that, when forced, is either nil (a single object
;;; distinguishable from all other objects) or consists of an object (the
;;; stream element) followed by a stream.  Each stream element is evaluated
;;; exactly once, when it is first retrieved (not when it is created); once
;;; evaluated its value is saved to be returned by subsequent retrievals
;;; without being evaluated again.

;; STREAM-TYPE -- type of streams
;; STREAM? object -- #t if object is a stream, #f otherwise

; Use ##srfi-40#make-stream instead of make-stream, as this is a rather
; low-level operation and it /might/ be desirable to define make-stream
; with an interface similar to make-list. -- AFC

(define-record-type stream-type
  (##srfi-40#make-stream promise)
  (promise stream-promise stream-promise-set!))


;; STREAM-ERROR message -- print message then abort execution
;  replace this with a call to the native error handler
;  if stream-error returns, so will the stream library function that called it
(define (stream-error message) (display message) (newline) (car '()))

;; ANY pred? list -- first non-#f (pred? list-item), else #f
(define (any pred? lst)
  (cond ((null? lst) #f)
        ((null? (cdr lst)) (pred? (car lst)))
        (else (or (pred? (car lst)) (any pred? (cdr lst))))))

;; ALL pred? list -- #f if any (pred? list-item) is #f, or last pred?
(define (all pred? lst)
  (cond ((null? lst) #t)
        ((null? (cdr lst)) (pred? (car lst)))
        (else (and (pred? (car lst)) (all pred? (cdr lst))))))

;;; LOW-LEVEL STREAM FUNCTIONS by Andre von Tonder (private e-mail 13-SEP-2003)

; Corrected by Alejandro Forero Cuervo, according to mail from 12 Jun 2004,
; Message-ID: Pine.GSO.4.60.0406112149190.11369@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(define box vector)
(define (unbox b) (vector-ref b 0))
(define (set-box! b v) (vector-set! b 0 v))

;; STREAM-LOW-LEVEL-LAZY -- an "atomic" (delay (force ...))
(define-syntax stream-low-level-lazy
  (syntax-rules ()
    ((stream-low-level-lazy exp)
        (box (cons 'suspension (lambda () exp))))))

;; STREAM-LOW-LEVEL-STRICT -- make a value into a low-level promise
(define (stream-low-level-strict x)
  (##srfi-40#make-stream (box (cons 'value x))))

;; STREAM-LOW-LEVEL-DELAY -- make an expression into a low-level promise
(define-syntax stream-low-level-delay
  (syntax-rules ()
    ((stream-low-level-delay exp)
      (stream-low-level-lazy (stream-low-level-strict exp)))))

;; STREAM-LOW-LEVEL-FORCE -- force the value from a low-level promise
(define (stream-low-level-force promise)
  (let ((content (unbox (stream-promise promise))))
    (case (car content)
      ((value)      (cdr content))
      ((suspension) (let ((promise* ((cdr content)))
                          (content (unbox (stream-promise promise))))
                      (when (not (eqv? (car content) 'value))
                        (set-box! (stream-promise promise) (unbox (stream-promise promise*)))
                        (stream-promise-set! promise* (stream-promise promise)))
                      (stream-low-level-force promise))))))


;; STREAM-NULL -- the distinguished nil stream
(define stream-null (##srfi-40#make-stream (stream-low-level-delay '())))

;; STREAM-CONS object stream -- primitive constructor of streams
(define-syntax stream-cons
  (syntax-rules ()
    ((stream-cons obj strm)
          (if (not (stream? strm))
              (stream-error "attempt to stream-cons onto non-stream")
              (cons obj strm)))))))

;; STREAM-NULL? object -- #t if object is the null stream, #f otherwise
(define (stream-null? obj)
  (and (stream? obj) (null? (stream-low-level-force obj))))

;; STREAM-PAIR? object -- #t if object is a non-null stream, #f otherwise
(define (stream-pair? obj)
  (and (stream? obj) (not (null? (stream-low-level-force obj)))))

;; STREAM-CAR stream -- first element of stream
(define (stream-car strm)
  (cond ((not (stream? strm)) (stream-error "attempt to take stream-car of non-stream"))
        ((stream-null? strm) (stream-error "attempt to take stream-car of null stream"))
        (else (car (stream-low-level-force strm)))))

;; STREAM-CDR stream -- remaining elements of stream after first
(define (stream-cdr strm)
  (cond ((not (stream? strm)) (stream-error "attempt to take stream-cdr of non-stream"))
        ((stream-null? strm) (stream-error "attempt to take stream-cdr of null stream"))
        (else (cdr (stream-low-level-force strm)))))

;; STREAM-DELAY object -- the essential stream mechanism
(define-syntax stream-delay
  (syntax-rules ()
    ((stream-delay expr)
        (stream-low-level-lazy expr)))))

;; STREAM object ... -- new stream whose elements are object ...
(define (stream . objs)
  (let loop ((objs objs))
      (if (null? objs)
          (stream-cons (car objs) (loop (cdr objs)))))))

;; STREAM-UNFOLDN generator seed n -- n+1 streams from (generator seed)
(define (stream-unfoldn gen seed n)
  (define (unfold-result-stream gen seed)
    (let loop ((seed seed))
          (lambda () (gen seed))
          (lambda (next . results)
            (stream-cons results (loop next)))))))
  (define (result-stream->output-stream result-stream i)
      (let ((result (list-ref (stream-car result-stream) i)))
        (cond ((pair? result)
                (stream-cons (car result)
                               (stream-cdr result-stream) i)))
              ((not result)
                (result-stream->output-stream (stream-cdr result-stream) i))
              ((null? result) stream-null)
              (else (stream-error "can't happen"))))))
  (define (result-stream->output-streams result-stream n)
    (let loop ((i 0) (outputs '()))
      (if (= i n)
        (apply values (reverse outputs))
        (loop (+ i 1)
              (cons (result-stream->output-stream result-stream i)
  (result-stream->output-streams (unfold-result-stream gen seed) n))

;; STREAM-MAP func stream ... -- stream produced by applying func element-wise
(define (stream-map func . strms)
  (cond ((not (procedure? func)) (stream-error "non-functional argument to stream-map"))
        ((null? strms) (stream-error "no stream arguments to stream-map"))
        ((not (all stream? strms)) (stream-error "non-stream argument to stream-map"))
        (else (let loop ((strms strms))
                  (if (any stream-null? strms)
                      (stream-cons (apply func (map stream-car strms))
                                   (loop (map stream-cdr strms)))))))))

;; STREAM-FOR-EACH proc stream ... -- apply proc element-wise for side-effects
(define (stream-for-each proc . strms)
  (cond ((not (procedure? proc)) (stream-error "non-functional argument to stream-for-each"))
        ((null? strms) (stream-error "no stream arguments to stream-for-each"))
        ((not (all stream? strms)) (stream-error "non-stream argument to stream-for-each"))
        (else (let loop ((strms strms))
                (if (not (any stream-null? strms))
                    (begin (apply proc (map stream-car strms))
                           (loop (map stream-cdr strms))))))))

;; STREAM-FILTER pred? stream -- new stream including only items passing pred?

; Corrected by Alejandro Forero Cuervo in 15 Jul 2004 to work in stream-null

(define (stream-filter pred? strm)
  (cond ((not (procedure? pred?)) (stream-error "non-functional argument to stream-filter"))
        ((not (stream? strm)) (stream-error "attempt to apply stream-filter to non-stream"))
        (else (stream-unfoldn
                (lambda (s)
                  (if (stream-null? s)
                    (values #f '())
                      (stream-cdr s)
                      (and (pred? (stream-car s)) (list (stream-car s))))))

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