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Re: other non-incremental functions

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On Monday, March 17, 2003 10:10 PM, Stephen McCracken [SMTP:samccpa@xxxxxxxxx] wrote:
> From the discussion list, it sounds like a revised
> reference implementation is in the works.  However, I
> would like to point out some more problems with the
> current version to make sure that they are addressed
> in the revision.
Many thanks for your detailed inspection of the
reference implementation.

> The following functions have the same problem as
> stream-partition; they do not produce output
> incrementally:
>    stream-split, stream-split-while,
> stream-split-until
>    stream-take-while, stream-take-until
>    stream-unzip
I'll look at all of those during the revision.

> Stream-concat has a similar problem.  It converts its
> argument to a list, so it would loop on an infinite
> argument.

Stream-concat, stream-append and stream-reverse,
among many others, are only sensible for finite streams.
Anybody applying these functions to infinite streams
deserves whatever happens to them.