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Re: stream-define

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On Friday, February 14, 2003 12:19 PM, Richard Kelsey [SMTP:kelsey@xxxxxxx] wrote:
> The nice thing about STREAM-DELAY is that it makes it clear that what
> is going on is a delay.  You use it if you want to delay evaluating a
> stream-valued expression and don't use it if there is nothing to delay.
> Because streams are fully-lazy there is no need for a corresponding
> STREAM-FORCE.  The various stream primitives (STREAM-NULL?, STREAM-CAR,
> and so forth) do the forcing.

Ah.  Now everything is clear.  I understand why you prefer the name
STREAM-DELAY to MAKE-STREAM, and I agree.  I'll get to work
on a new version of the library that changes the underlying primitives
and fixes the problem of excessive use of stream-define.