SRFI 38: External Representation for Data With Shared Structure

by Ray Dillinger

status: final (2003-04-02)

keywords: I/O

library name: with-shared-structure


This SRFI proposes (write-with-shared-structure) and (read-with-shared-structure), procedures for writing and reading external representations of data containing shared structure. These procedures implement a proposed standard external notation for data containing shared structure.

This SRFI permits but does not require replacing the standard (write) and (read) functions. These functions may be implemented without the overhead in time and space required to detect and specify shared structure.

An implementation conforms to this SRFI if it provides procedures named (write-with-shared-structure) and (read-with-shared-structure), which produce and read the same notation as produced by the reference implementation. It may also provide (read/ss) and (write/ss), equivalent functions with shorter names.