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Re: would it be possible to change any of the function names?

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Bengt Kleberg <eleberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> i have no objection to the functionality/set of operations offered by
> the "Integer Bitwise-operation Library" by Olin Shivers. instead i
> would like to change function names and argument order to make them
> slightly more reminiscent of the string and vector operations.

I second Bengt's suggestions. I've been too busy elsewhere to keep as
close an eye on SRFI progress as I'd like, but I've been following
this naming convention since SRFI-1 for my own code and I like it a
lot. Please, Olin?

david rush
Scheme's motto is there are two ways to do it...Actually the motto is
twofold too.  Some prefer to say: There is more than one but less than
three ways to do it (TIMTOBLTWTDI, pronounced Tim-too-bloody). 
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