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Correct thought & proper citation

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   From: Shriram Krishnamurthi <sk@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
   You know way too much about communism for anyone's health.

There is something fascinating to me about the sound and structure of bullshit
ideology. Probably why I went into programming languages for a field. I really
grooved on the Mainland Chinese ideological style when I lived in HK. It is
apparently a widely held belief in China that we have a shrine at West Point
dedicated to Leifeng, an annoyingly selfless goody-two-shoes Army private in
the PLA who would, like, wash his pals' socks for them in his spare time and
help the local peasants build irrigation systems during his lunch hour and so
forth. Uh, yeah.

(Party fat cats love to invoke Leifeng to inspire the masses to get busy
steppin' & fetchin', while they knock back the rice wine and order up another
round of drunken prawns. Let us pause and recall Shivers' Observation on Life
in the Food Chain: Stay at the top.)

That little opening bit of Jew-hating vitriol is something for which I cannot
take credit -- I snipped it from the NYT. It is Iran's current Ayatollah
expressing his pleasure, on the record, at a car bomb that went off at a
Jewish recreation center in *Argentina* (well-known hotbed of Palestinian
oppression) a few years ago.

I am, in fact, unaware of Khamenei's personal opinions on the subject of
dyadic boolean functions and their variadic associative extensions, so I 
may have interpolated some, there.

But we digress.