SRFI 240: Reconciled Records

by Marc Nieper-Wi├čkirchen

status: draft (2022-11-05)

keywords: Data Structure

See also SRFI 9: Defining Record Types, SRFI 57: Records, SRFI 76: R6RS Records, SRFI 99: ERR5RS Records, SRFI 131: ERR5RS Record Syntax (reduced), SRFI 136: Extensible record types, SRFI 150: Hygienic ERR5RS Record Syntax (reduced), and SRFI 237: R6RS Records (refined).


This SRFI defines a version of the define-record-type definition of R6RS and SRFI 237 that extends the define-record-type syntax of R7RS, reconciling both systems.

This SRFI is meant to be adopted by R7RS-large to integrate essentially the R6RS record system compatibly with the existing R7RS-small record system.