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At least once in the SRFI draft, in the discussion of using a defined
entry point, a benefit is asserted about the debuggability of srfi 22
scripts under Scheme implementations:

  However, explicitly specifying an entry point has the advantage that
  scripts are easier to debug with a REPL-type Scheme implementation...

To realize that benefit, would it be worthwhile defining the
interaction between the load procedure and scheme source files with a
"#! " as the first three characters?  In particular:

  * is load in a scheme script bound to a procedure that must ignore
    the first, "#! ", line?

  * should load in a non-scripting REPL-type Scheme implementation
    ignore the first, "#! ", line?

  * should srfi 22 suggest a spelling of an identifier that will be
    bound to a procedure that loads a script, say, "script-load"?

I apologize if this has already been discussed; I couldn't find it in
a semi-cursory look in the discussion archive.  

I know this is a very late comment, and I don't feel any discussion of
this should delay finalization of srfi 22.