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Re: SRFI-22 -- What won't work

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> Olin> Unfortunately, Marc, that won't work. It ought to, but it doesn't.
> Note that Marc was talking about an issue quite unrelated to what
> you're talking about.

You are correct (although I had no idea a scripts interpreter can't be
a script...).

> Olin> Let's see:
> Olin>     /usr/local/bin/scm-ieee-1178-90
> Olin> That's 31 characters. Oops.
> Olin> My advice: make these program names *short* and highly coded
> Suggestion for this specific case?

Yes.  Forget about all the variants, call the executable "scheme" and
**require** that it support SRFI 0.  Also, add the features "r4rs", "r5rs",
and "ieee-1178-1990" that can be checked by cond-expand.  End of story.