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Re: SRFI-22 -- What won't work (small addition)

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>>>>> "Olin" == shivers  <shivers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Olin> Did I say 28 is a small number? The current draft of SRFI-22 requires a
Olin> space after the sharp-bang. Make that 27.

Olin> Uhh... has anyone checked to ensure that it's *guaranteed* OK by Posix to
Olin> put that space there? Are we being jollied by permissive implementations,
Olin> or is it definitely OK?

Well, I don't have POSIX handy.  However, GNU's "
"Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool" has this:

> Having determined that the file is a script by examining its magic
> number, the kernel finds the path of the interpreter by removing the
> #! and any intervening space from the first line of the script. One
> optional argument is allowed (additional arguments are not ignored,
> they constitute a syntax error), and the resulting command line is
> executed. There is a 32 character limit to the significant part of the
> #!  line, so you must ensure that the full path to the interpreter
> plus any switches you need to pass to it do not exceed this
> limit. Also, the interpreter must be a real binary program, it cannot
> be a #! file itself.

... which makes me reasonably confident.

Cheers =8-} Mike
Friede, Völkerverständigung und überhaupt blabla