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Re: The "\ filename" meta switch

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>>>>> "David" == David Rush <kumo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

David> shivers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
>> And adding / filename doesn't come for free as you suggested: It will
>> complicate the SRFI and therefore be a potential source for
>> confusion.

David> Do it. It's well worth it. The whole *nix #! mechanism has needed
David> something like Scsh's meta-switch for *ages*.

>> Allowing this single switch buys you a lightweight, pure Unix-kernel solution
>> without in any way affecting the other uses you had in mind. That seems like a
>> good thing.

David> Me-too ism doesn't really add much to the debate here, but I strongly
David> feel that Olin is right. He's not just a lone voice defending Scsh.

We've chosen to deal with the issue another way, namely by eliminating
the command-line option business, and by splitting the Scheme-script
executable into several according to language dialect.

This means the Scheme script executable now only has one argument
before the filename (the entry procedure) which makes it suitable for
putting it on the first line.  Thus, if you know the absolute location
of the executable, you can do without the shell trampoline.

Watch out for a revision soon.

Cheers =8-} Mike
Friede, Völkerverständigung und überhaupt blabla