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Some stuff on the #!...!# and more

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This is a comment on the #!...!# thing.  I think that more Schemes
implement a #|...|# multiline comment, which is why the srfi says that
the suggestion is not to add another comment construct but handle this
specifically as a preprocessor.  So my comment is that given the fact
that #|...|# is usually used, then there is no need for the ugly and

  string=? ; shell-command

hack, since you can achieve the same effect with

  shell stuff, ends in an exec

Also, I don't know how reliable this is but I think that Unix systems
are supposed to have /bin/sh available - the man page for system
specifies using "/bin/sh -c string" to do its job.

The last comment is that I think it is more common, and therefore
would be better accepted, to stick to a command line flag to load some
library (as in "-l srfi0" instead of "-srfi0") and just some
specification of the way arguments are made available to the program
(as a global command-line-arguments binding or something similar)
which would simplify things by allowing the "-e expression" flag that
many Scheme's have.
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