SRFI 216: SICP Prerequisites (Portable)

by Vladimir Nikishkin

status: draft (2020-11-04)

keywords: SICP

See also SRFI 203: A Simple Picture Language in the Style of SICP.


This SRFI follows SRFI 203 in providing "out-of-the-box" support for hosting the exercises suggested by Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs in portable Scheme.

Whereas SRFI 203 focused on the necessarily non-portable aspects of the problem set (the graphics), this SRFI aims to provide support for the rest of the features, which are far more widespread, often already provided, and in reality mostly need just a common vocabulary.

This SRFI provides subroutines for working with time data, multi-threading, streams and SICP names for true and false.

None of these subroutines are fit for production use, and are only designed for pedagogical purposes.

Students, however, are expected to be able to just write

 (include (srfi sicp))

and have the code from the book run without problems (apart from those intended by the book authors).