SRFI 163: Enhanced array literals

by Per Bothner

status: final (2019-01-18)

keywords: Reader Syntax

See also SRFI 4: Homogeneous numeric vector datatypes, SRFI 25: Multi-dimensional Array Primitives, SRFI 48: Intermediate Format Strings, SRFI 58: Array Notation, SRFI 58: Array Notation, SRFI 122: Nonempty Intervals and Generalized Arrays, SRFI 160: Homogeneous numeric vector libraries, and SRFI 164: Enhanced multi-dimensional Arrays.


This is a specification of a reader form (literals) for multi-dimensional arrays. It is an extension of the Common Lisp array reader syntax to handle non-zero lower bounds, optional explicit bounds, and optional uniform element types (compatible with SRFI 4). It can be used in conjunction with SRFI 25, SRFI 122, or SRFI 164. These extensions were implemented in Guile (except the handling of rank-0 arrays), and later in Kawa.

There are recommendations for output formatting and a suggested format-array procedure.