SRFI 130: Cursor-based string library

by John Cowan

status: final (2016-05-28)

keywords: Data Structure

See also SRFI 13: String Libraries.

library name: string-cursors


R5RS Scheme has an impoverished set of string-processing utilities, which is a problem for authors of portable code. Although R7RS provides some extensions and improvements, it is still very incomplete. This SRFI proposes a coherent and comprehensive set of string-processing procedures; it is accompanied by a portable sample implementation of the spec.

This SRFI is derived from SRFI 13. The biggest difference is that it allows subsequences of strings to be specified by cursors as well as the traditional string indexes. In addition, it omits the comparison, case-mapping, and mutation operations of SRFI 13, as well as all procedures already present in R7RS.