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Re: SRFI-1/SRFI-13 inconsistency in tabulate procedure

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>>>>> "Olin" == Olin Shivers <shivers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Olin> A reviewer has spotted a consistency problem between SRFI-13 & SRFI-1
Olin> that needs to be fixed. SRFI-13's procedure
Olin>     (STRING-TABULATE proc len) -> string 
Olin> takes it arguments backwards from SRFI-1's
Olin>     (LIST-TABULATE len proc) -> list

Olin> As future SRFIs may also introduce by-index TABULATE constructors for other
Olin> aggregate data structures (e.g., vectors), it's important to be consistent.

Olin> There are three possibilities:

Olin> 1. Change SRFI-1 to 
Olin>     (LIST-TABULATE proc len) -> list
Olin>    This would be consistent with all the other higher-order iterators
Olin>    such as MAP, FOR-EACH, ANY, EVERY, etc. This is a *very* widely-maintained
Olin>    convention.

Olin> My preference is option 1.

This is not an option.  SRFI 1 is final.

Olin> Send them to srfi-1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

That mailing list has long been disabled because of the above reason.

Cheers =8-} Mike
Friede, Völkerverständigung und überhaupt blabla