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Re: SRFI-13 final version

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   One minor whinge concerning SRFI-13:

   We still don't have string-split.

   And string-tokenize takes a char-set. *only*

   If you can change string-tokenize to (also) take a pred, I'll be
   silent about this whole deal. But, string-splitting is a very common
   form of string-parsing, and at least in my idiom the most common
   form. If I can't do it with a string-split, I'll generally go straight
   to a parser-generator solution.

   <grovel mode=abject>
   Please, please, please, please, please, please...

You're covered, dude. You just say
    (string-tokenize s char-set:graphic)

And, by the way, we *definitely* need to get a good parser/unparser thing
defined. A number->string converter that takes all the field-width, padding,
and other options that a full PRINTF implementation would use, a regexp SRFI,
a LALR parser macro like Manuel Serrano's got in bigloo, etc.