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Re: shared-text substrings, start/end indices, xs><, etc.

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In article <200001250101.UAA10381@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
shivers@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>SRFI-13 is trying to walk a third path. I'm not willing to *require*
>shared-text substrings. That's just not going to happen out there in
>Scheme-land, at least we can't just mandate it. I'm just trying to allow
>people to write portable code that can run reasonably efficiently across a
>wide range of platforms -- some with shared-text substrings, some without.

You are allowing people to write ugly code to gain some efficiency,
without loosing portably.

But there is already a language for this: C. ANSI/ISO C is portable and
allows you to write very efficient string processing code.

Please don't destroy the nice language Scheme with such provisions for
ugly code as allowing string indexes in every string procedure.

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