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Re: Make-rational-number-generator

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Alex Shinn scripsit:

> Cute.  Proof?

It's the Calkins-Wilf sequence.  There's a very clear discussion of it in
Gibbons, Jeremy; Lester, David; Bird, Richard (2006), "Functional pearl:
Enumerating the rationals", Journal of Functional Programming 16 (3):
281–291, doi:10.1017/S0956796806005880, which is accessible to all at
and is cited in SRFI 41.

The paper gives this Haskell definition:

rats :: [Rational]
rats = iterate next 1
next x = recip (fromInteger n+1−y) where (n,y) = properFraction x

where properFraction is (- x (truncate x)) and fromInteger is just
an integer->rational cast that Scheme doesn't need to write explicitly.

> (you missed 1 after 0)


> You could also use a more intuitive diagonalization order, at the
> cost of some busy work to filter non-reduced forms.

Yes, that's the Stern-Brocot tree discussed in the same paper.  The trouble
is that you need to keep around more (indeed, increasingly more) state.
Here's the Haskell version from the paper:

rats :: [Rational]
rats = concat (unfolds infill [(0,1),(1,0)])
unfolds f a = let (b,a') = f a in b : unfolds f a0
infill xs = (map mkRat ys,interleave xs ys)
                 where ys = zipWith adj xs (tail xs)
interleave (x : xs) ys = x : interleave ys xs
interleave [] [] = []

> I like this since it stands as proof of the countability of the
> rationals.  Even it not too useful it strikes well with Scheme's
> affection for math.
> If we need to rationalize a use, it could always be helpful in testing,
> to make sure something works for the first n rationals.

I guess so.

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