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Re: lists in enclosed expression

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Per Bothner scripsit:

> Specially, do you like it:
> - as a special syntax for SRFI-10[789] should define for enclosed
> expression?


> It is?  I see '@' listed as a <special subsequent> but not a
> <special initial>.

Wow, you're right.  There are several unnecessary safeguards in the
text of R7RS-small, in that case.  For example, to unquote (without
splicing) something named "@foo", you must write ", @foo", as ",@foo"
always means splicing-unquote.  Chibi allows @foo as an identifier.

> However, I just remember one complication: Kawa uses @CLASSNAME
> as syntax for annotation types, though only when CLASSNAME
> is a class type, so there isn't an actual conflict - it's
> just a little tricky to handle:  @foo is a splice if foo is
> a sequence (list or vector); it is an annotation type if foo
> is a class.

I think that's a little Perlish, but if it works for you, it's fine
for Kawa.

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