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Re: SRFI-108/SRFI-109 special characters

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Per Bothner <per@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> If you have a preference as to which syntax works best, I'd like to
> hear it.  Ideally try to mull the various alternatives, and perhaps
> play with them using pencil and paper.  Do you prefer XML-style syntax,
> Scribble-style syntax, or something completely different?  For now just
> reply t this message; if we get too many messages we may try a poll.

While I prefer writing Scribble syntax to the XML syntax in SRFI
108/109, you're doing something different from Scribble, namely
embedding a syntax into Scheme rather than presenting an alternative.
For this, #& seems more in line with other parts of Scheme, and less
confusing for Scribble afficionados.