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Re: Monkey-patching $quasi-value$

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Per Bothner scripsit:

> I think it may make sense to define one or more library functions to
> massage the arguments - for example concatenating the components of the
> literal part.  These would be to make it combine the argument list - or
> example combining the literal part to a single string-valued expression.

Such an API would be an excellent addition to this SRFI, though not
strictly necessary.

> What do you think of ($construct$:foo ..) instead of the rather ungainly
> ($quasi-value-transformer$:foo ...)?

I like it much better.

> Kawa has a few of these. For example CLASSNAME? becomes an instance test,
> and NNNUNIT (e.g. 2.5cm) becomes a "quantity" (number-with-unit).

I like those a lot.

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