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Re: Please update SRFI-106

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Takashi Kato scripsit:

> The macros came after the constants and I wanted to hear opinions
> but unfortunately I haven't heard anything until now. However I
> think it's nice to have both for people who are familiar with C
> socket programming and who aren't.

I think that C programmers shouldn't have much trouble either way:
(address-family inet) and *af-inet* both look pretty close to AF_INET.
The macros have the advantage that it's possible to check at compile
time that the value being passed in is valid, which is not possible with
the variables.

> > 2) There is no meaningful support for UDP.  I think a socket API
> > shouldn't ignore UDP.
> I think POSIX SOCK_DGRAM is for UDP socket (correct me if I'm wrong)
> and the SRFI is supporting it.

You can use bound UDP sockets with this API, but not unbound ones:
for those you need access to sendto() and recvfrom().  See

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