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Re: socket-port

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Shiro Kawai scripsit:

> Your logic is correct, so, in Gauche, closing one of the socket ports
> does not close the socket descriptor (it does mark the Scheme-level
> port structure as 'closed', and it does flush the output port).

It should also do a shutdown(fd, SHUT_RD) or shutdown(fd, SHUT_WR), which
is what I was trying to say before.  The latter, for example, signals
to the peer that no more data will be arriving.

> I think returning a bidirectional port make things simpler.  Trade-off
> is adoption of this srfi by implementations that doesn't have 
> bidirectional ports.  I'm ambivalent now; it's not hard to add
> bidirectional ports to Gauche (and if R7RS-large defines it, I sure will.)


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