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Re: Sockets Layer Counter Proposal

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From: Takashi Kato <ktakashi@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Sockets Layer Counter Proposal
Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2012 20:19:29 +0200

> (2012/10/09 18:25), Arthur A. Gleckler wrote:
>> I certainly support your choice of using Schemely names instead of
>> Unix-specific, all-caps names like SOCK_STREAM;
> I will take some names from Aaron's specification so that no longer
> Unix-specific names. That seemed way better.

If you don't like all-caps names, I'd suggest to use
a *consistent* rule to convert well-established names
to schemey-names.  E.g. SOCK_STREAM -> *sock-stream*

Please do not invent a new set of arbitrary naming rules;
the established Unix names won't go away and most people
who work on both Scheme and other systems need to remember
two set of names instead of one.

(If you create a new abstraction layer, so that the names
won't map one-to-one to the Unix names, then it's reasonable
to create a new set of names, though.)