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Re: Cleaning up SRFI 105 MUSTard (mostly)

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John Cowan:
> The spec fails to say that s-expressions are n-expressions.

Don't need to say it directly, since that follows from the definitions:
* "A neoteric-expression or n-expression is a curly-infix-expression,..."
* "Curly-infix-expressionsor c-expressions are
s-expressions with an additional notation: The curly-infix list."

Since neoteric-expressions include a curly-infix-expressions, and curly-infix-expressions include s-expressions, an unsuffixed s-expression is also a neoteric-expression.

But clarity is still a good thing.  I'll add that somewhere to the text to point it out, and make it clear that "n-expression" is just an abbreviation.

Thanks for the other comments, I intend to walk through them separately.

--- David A. Wheeler