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Is SRFI-105 finished?

This page is part of the web mail archives of SRFI 105 from before July 7th, 2015. The new archives for SRFI 105 contain all messages, not just those from before July 7th, 2015.

The latest SRFI-105 has been posted (my thanks to the SRFI editors):

So I ask again... are we done?  I don't know of anything left to do.  If you know of an issue that isn't resolved, or hasn't been raised, please post now!!

I'm not expecting universal agreement (when does THAT happen?), but any issues I *know* of have been raised and discussed, and I think have a reasonable conclusion.  Our clock doesn't expire until 2012-10-22, which is nearly a month away, but I'd like all possible issues raised *now* so that they can be resolved *BEFORE* that clock expires.

Lots is documented in the SRFI-105, in particular it has a large design rationale.  Obviously anyone can search public mailing lists too if they want even more history, and you can do a "diff" to see what's changed between SRFI-105 drafts.  If you want a very detailed history of every edit of SRFI-105, you can go to the git repository here: http://sourceforge.net/p/readable/wiki/Home/

If there are no comments, I think we should still wait a little to give others a chance to file last-minute comments, and then declare completion.  I think we should until at least October 5 - that gives a little more than a week for someone to file a last-minute issue.

--- David A. Wheeler