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bracketaccess or $bracket-apply$ ?

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Per Bothner reports that Kawa maps:
> [foo bar] to ($bracket-list$ foo bar)
> x[foo bar] to ($bracket-apply$ x foo bar)

Should we map x[foo bar] to (bracketaccess foo bar), as it currently does, or ($bracket-apply$ foo bar) ?

I'd like to hear people's opinions!

The argument for switching to $bracket-apply$ isn't *too* strong, in the sense that I understand relatively few programs depend on the symbol being $bracket-apply$.  But bracketaccess isn't widely used (yet) either :-).  And I don't know of a Lisp that cannot have a symbol $bracket-apply$ (it may be awkward, but that's okay, I wouldn't expect it to be defined often).

On consideration, I think it's important we not spec the [foo bar] case; there are too many variations, in particular, too many Schemes make that a synonym for (...).  But that doesn't affect the x[...] case.

--- David A. Wheeler