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...for not being as nearly up-to-date as I should on the whole SRFI thing.
I'm glad to see that (after spelunking the discussion archives further) the
SRFI process appears to be working reasonably well. I've been sitting on
the sidelines for the most part (my excuse being that day job thing), but
have been particularly eager for the list and set SRFIs to get settled.

One concrete suggestion (to keep this note from being complete noise): It
took me too long to find out that the issue in question was resolved. This
would've been helped by two things: 1: a direct search on the SRFI site (I
used altavista's handy "host:" tag, which isn't perfect, and in fact missed
some salient documents.) 2: putting stuff like the issues.txt and
closed-issues.txt files directly on the site rather than only pointing to
them through an email message.

Again, apologies for the (mostly?) wasted bandwidth, and I hope to redeem
myself in the future by submitting an actual SRFI of my own.

Till then,