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issue: n-ary mapping function termination

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in Issues, Olin noted:

> 3.When do n-ary mapping functions (MAP, MAP!, FOR-EACH, PAIR-FOR-EACH,
>                 1.When any list runs out? 
>                 2.When the first list runs out? 
>                 3.All lists must be of equal length? 
> My preferences are in the order listed. R4RS says #3.  Hence this spec
> requires #1. Any changes to this *must* happen by the end of the SRFI
> discussion period. 

Dylan, which has a fairly general collections mechanism, also takes
approach #1.  Generalizing lists, a collection in Dylan is regarded as a
mapping from keys to values.  The keys for lists and vectors are integers
starting at zero.  n-ary mapping functions do an intersection-join on the
keys of their arguments, and hence, for the list case, only operate on the
common keys, ie, along the shortest list. 

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