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negative indices to take/drop

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>From: "Harvey J. Stein" <hjstein@xxxxxxxxx> 
>Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 12:35:21 +0200 
>III. take & drop.
>Again, I agree with Sergei that it is strange to count from the end
>when the index argument is negative.

Depends on how akin you are to APL. :-)

>Does anyone have any examples
>where this would be much more convenient than having 2 sets of fcns -
>one for counting from the beginning & one for counting from the end?
>I don't see any continuity reasons for thinking that (take l -1)
>should be a list containing the last element of l.

One comment I have is that the document doesn't specify what happens
with over-take or over-drop (> (abs n) (length l)).