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Newbie and some questions

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My name is Peter Keller, and I would like to propose something I've
written (an R5RS conformant(to the best of my knowledge) unit testing
infrastructure currently implemented for the Chicken scheme compiler)
as an SRFI. I'm very new to this whole SRFI thing and I apologize for
asking really stupid questions.

So, what is the manner by which I submit a proposal? I've read the faq, and
know that there is a template I must fill out, but beyond that, I'm not
quite sure what to do.

To help out with the discussion of the SRFI and the API for the thing I
have written, one can read the current Chicken manual which contains a 99%
complete API and theory of operations of the unit testing infrastructure
I've written.

The manual is located here:

And look under "additional files : test-infrastructure.scm" in the table of
contents for the description of the API. There is a little more to the 
description, but it is only in the CVS repository and not released yet.

Thank you all very much for your time.