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Re: Revisions archive?

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>>>>> "al" == Alto Sax Petrofsky <alto-sax@petrofsky.org> writes:

al> I'll start with a less contentious issue than srfi names...

al> The SRFI process document says:

al>    Every such revision shall be announced to
al>    srfi-announce@srfi.schemers.org, and all revisions will be retained in
al>    the permanent record of the SRFI.
al>    ...
al>    When the SRFI is accepted, it will be placed on the list of final
al>    SRFIs.  This will include a link to the history of the proposal,
al>    including all earlier versions and the archive of the discussion
al>    from the comment period.

al> I can't find the archive of SRFIs' pre-final revisions on
al> srfi.schemers.org.  Is it there somewhere?

Yes, it's just not exported to the web, mainly because I've been a
lazy bum about it.

Now that the pressure is on, I'll try harder.

Cheers =8-} Mike
Friede, Völkerverständigung und überhaupt blabla