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The srfi-announce and other mailing lists

Dear srfi-discuss members,

There are several srfi-relatd mailing lists that might be of interest
to you:

srfi-discuss -- this list; was created to discuss the SRFI mechanism;
  should now be considered defunct

srfi-announce -- list which bears notifications of new SRFIs; DISJOINT 
  from srfi-discuss

srfi-N -- list for discussing contents of the Nth SRFI

We did not automatically subscribe you to srfi-announce.  We do hope
you will sign up on this, as well as for the individual SRFIs that
pique your interest.  (There are two thusfar.)

To subscribe to list L, send mail to L-request@srfi.schemers.org --
eg, srfi-announce-request@srfi.schemers.org -- with "subscribe" in the
subject line.