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Re: use "rec" instead of "rtd"?

Ray Blaak wrote:
Ray Blaak wrote:
I am ignorant of some of the passed record systems referenced, so "rtd" does not seem obvious to me. "Record Type Data"?
<definition> -> <record type definition> Nevertheless, my suggestion still stands. For all the helper record methods and forms, something that more directly reads as being record related would be better than "rtd".

I suggest stating that notational conventions of R6RS Ch 6 are followed and that /rtd/ is used for parameter names to indicate the corresponding argument must be a record type descriptor.

For the parameter convention, rtd seems appropriate. For names of values, I personally would prefer replacing rtd with type-descriptor or record-type-descriptor in any binding name [1]. I would rather have informative names than brief names in a standards document. In actual code, it is easy to establish short abbreviations via renaming.

On the other hand, perhaps consistency with R6RS names should trump this preference.


[1] The latter leads to the appearance of redundancy in the name record-record-type-descriptor. The former might worry people by leaving the word "type" out there, unchaperoned, at the beginning of an identifier.