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Re: getenv vs. locale

From: William D Clinger <will@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: getenv vs. locale
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2008 17:48:09 -0400

> Shiro Kawait wrote:
> > Ultimately, the choice depends on the purpose of this srfi.
> > If this one just wants to summarize "current practices", leave
> > the behavior undefined and cross your fingers that it works
> > "most of the time".  If this one wants to provide a portable
> > and robust basis, specify the behavior and encourage existing
> > implementations to follow.  I tend to vote the latter.
> If you want portable and robust behavior, then you should
> try to avoid data structures (such as bytevectors) that
> are not even implemented by a lot of systems, and have
> competing lexical syntax and semantics (SRFI 4 vs R6RS)
> even when implemented.

I said "encourage existing implementations to follow".
It doens't need to be implemented now.  But your point taken.
It's worthwhile to having the "current practices" type srfi,
so leaving the 100% solution to another srfi sounds reasonable.