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Re: SRFI-96 and SRFI-98

 | Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2008 10:56:44 +0900
 | From: higepon <higepon@xxxxxxxxx>
 | > Will an implementation having getenv but not environ be SRFI-98
 | > compliant?
 | I don't think so.
 | > Although many useful Scheme programs have been written
 | > using getenv; I have yet to see one which requires "environ".
 | On CGI application, I want to check all the environ variables for
 | debug usage.  Some Web servers don't pass all the environment
 | variables to CGI application.

Exactly my point; environ is useful for debugging.  For that purpose
it doesn't need to be precisely specified or mandated.  For debugging,
it would be just as useful if (environ) printed out the environment
table rather than returning a Scheme structure [and more convenient to
type than (for-each (lambda (pr) (write pr) (newline)) (getenv))].
Consider the "room" function of Common-Lisp: