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SRFI Libraries: Revised and extended

This page is part of the web mail archives of SRFI 97 from before July 7th, 2015. The new archives for SRFI 97 contain all messages, not just those from before July 7th, 2015.

I have revised the SRFI Libraries draft to incorporate the comments I have received so far during the discussion period. The significant changes are:

   - use of (srfi :n) instead of (srfi n)
   - specification of export levels for R6RS-compatible systems
   - removal of any mention of a reference implementation

Other changes include further discussion and rationale for the design choices made, typo corrections, etc.

The draft period has been extended another month, which I hope is more than enough time to resolve any remaining issues.


Please send further comments, either privately to me or publicly to the discussion list.