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Re: Two minor corrections

 | From: Abdulaziz Ghuloum <aghuloum@cs.indiana.edu>
 | Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 07:21:32 -0400
 | The first paragraph of "Specification" states:
 |     These procedures are stable when called with predicates which
 |     return #f when applied to identical arguments. These procedures
 |     have asymptotic time and space needs no larger than O(N*log(N)),
 |     where N is the sum of the lengths of the sequence arguments.
 | Instead of "These", you probably meant to say "The sort and sort!"
 | since the two statements above do not apply to the other three
 | procedures. And since these procedures take only one sequence, the
 | above should say "where N is the length of the sequence".

I have expanded this to give limits for the individual functions in
the new version.  Are the merge asymptotics right?

 | Also, the description of merge! states:
 |     The first pair of the result will be either the first pair of
 |     list1 or the first pair of list2.
 | Since either/both of list1 and list2 may be empty (nonpair), the
 | above may be worded as "the result will be eq? to either list1 or
 | list2".

Done in the new version; thanks.