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I was wondering of the behaviour of the following is specified by the document.

(let ((x 1))
      ((foo (lambda (_)
              (let ((x 'whatever))
                (syntax x))))))

I believe both the Chez|MzScheme result (an error) or the SRFI-72 result (= 1) could be justified by the text:

"A reference to an identifier introduced into the output of a transformer refers to the closest enclosing binding for the introduced identifier",

since, for what it is worth, according to the point of view of SRFI-72, the (SYNTAX X) that appears after expanding the inner LET is not yet a reference but is viewed as quoted data. It only becomes the reference X after expanding (FOO) in the scope of the outer LET where X has the binding 1.

I do not have an objection against the Chex|MzScheme interpretation. I just think it would be good if the document could specify the behaviour either way.