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When is mark applied?

I think there may be an inaccuracy in the specification, which states that
marks are applied to introduced identifiers in the output of the transformer
(as opposed to the output of a SYNTAX expression). If this were accurate, I believe the following should print #t. Instead, it prints #f.

(define-syntax test
  (syntax-rules ()
    ((_ id)
     (let-syntax ((foo (lambda (s)
                         (syntax-case s ()
                           ((_ id*)
                              (display (bound-identifier=?
                                        (syntax id)
                                        (syntax id*)))
                              (syntax 'done)))))))
       (foo id)))))

(test x)

It would print #t because (syntax id) has not yet been output by the inner
transformer (and indeed will never be), and therefore it has not yet been

If I use the antimark prescription to follow what happens, and compare
identifiers using both marks and antimarks, I indeed get the correct result #f. However, the text of the SRFI does not describe antimarks as essential to the semantics, but rather as an implementation strategy.