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Re: Specification

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On Mon, 26 Jun 2006, David Feuer wrote:

Should marks and substitutions be considered part of the
specification, or an implementation technique?  I would suggest that
the SRFI author try to find a way to specify the macro system
precisely without going into details of how the expander is

I like the operational semantics in the SRFI, since it may be less ambiguous than the alternative declarative approach.

As corrobrating evidence, I can mention the syntax-case implementation in SRFI-72. That implementation satisfies declarative descriptions of hygiene. However, the implementation technique is based on an "implicitized" version of explicit renaming, not marking/substitution. There are some highly obscure corner cases where it behaves differently from the marking algorithm, while still satisfying hygiene. I have to recheck, but I think these ambiguities should be resolved by specifying the algorithm as is
done here (though perhaps a little more detail might be required).